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Wham, Bam, Thank You Paper Jam

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Wham, Bam, Thank You Paper Jam Description Ashley Fires may be the boss of the office, but her ass is the talk of the town! Her employees, however, are tired of having to deal with her uptight behavior. The rumors...

Mom Wants Hers

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Mom Wants Hers Description Ashley is fed up with her daughter's phone sex sessions with her boyfriend. She interrupts the young lovers and demands her daughter's boyfriend come over immediately so that she can get...

Jackhammer My Ass

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Jackhammer My Ass Description Big booty beauty Ashley Fires works hard and plays harder. Once it's quittin' time this slutty construction worker winds down by oiling up her perfect plump cheeks. Foreman Danny D ge...

Fighting Milf Temptations

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Fighting Milf Temptations Brad Knight is waiting until marriage to fuck his wife-to-be. But when his in-laws invite their dear friend, the always down to fuck cougar Ashley Fires, over she smells fresh meat for her t...

Thanksgiving Fuckfeast

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Thanksgiving Fuckfeast Levi and his wife Ashley attempt to have a nice Thanksgiving dinner, until his annoying ex-step daughter shows up, purposely trying to ruin it for everyone. With sexual tension and awkwardness ...

What’s Gotten Into You?

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What's Gotten Into You? Years into their marriage, and Ashley Fires isn't getting anything she needs from her dead-beat husband. No job, no attention and worst of all, no sex. But her constant nagging seemed to wake ...

Watchin’ the Game with Ashley

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Watchin' the Game with Ashley Ashley Fires does her yoga the same time at the same spot every week without fail, so when her husband and his moocher friends Toni and Ramon come over to watch the game while she's tryi...

Posing the Pervert

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Posing the Pervert Download Video You can hardly blame Chad Alva for getting horny in the middle of his life drawing class. It's not his fault the teacher Alena Croft hired the sexiest naked model she could find, th...