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Pornstar Fantasies

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Pornstar Fantasies Cherie and her friend Aaliyah are 1950s housewives who share a dirty secret: when their husbands go off to work they spend the day playing with each others pussies. First they start out with some s...

Pole Skills and Holes Filled

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Pole Skills and Holes Filled Sweet housewife Aaliyah Love wants to spice up her marriage so she and her hubby head to a strip club. At first she's not sure if this was a good idea - but soon sexy stripper Veronica Va...

Payment In Pussy

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Payment In Pussy Never let is be said that Aaliyah Love isn't a great wife. In fact, when her husband got in some trouble with notorious loan shark Sean Michaels, she was willing to go the extra mile to pull her man ...

Medical Deviants

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Medical Deviants With Aaliyah Love's regular physician retiring, she got her the choice of two new "doctors". But it's just naive Aaliyah's luck that her new practitioners care more about ogling and...

Conjugal Fuckin’ Visit

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Conjugal Fuckin' Visit Aaliyah Love has come to prison for a conjugal visit with her scumbag husband Gilbert. She's been faithful since he got into jail, and it's been so long that her poor pussy can barely take it a...