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The Mechanic

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The Mechanic DescriptionAshley might look like a sweet girly girl, but she knows a thing or two about cars. She works hard for her money and gets sweaty doing it. But bending over engines in a hot auto shop all d...

Terrible Darlings

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Terrible Darlings DescriptionAshley and JoJo have been asked by their next-door neighbor, Johnny, to feed his cat for the weekend while he is out of town. These teens couldn’t be happier at the thought of house s...

New Tits On the Block

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New Tits On the Block DescriptionAshley wants to be a BIG star, and she's got the big tits to make it happen! Keiran wants her to follow a script, but she'd much rather suck some dick. Who can say no to a nympho ...

Titties In A Tent

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Titties In A Tent Lost in the desert, Erik Everhard has almost given up all hope for survival when he comes across a tent. Not only is the comfortable tent filled with pillows, it’s got a sexy girl named Ashley Adams...

Fucking With Security

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Fucking With Security Ashley Adams doesn’t take kindly to the security guards in her office building wanting to stop and search her on her way to work. She shows them no respect, taunting and even slapping them, so w...

Pretty Little Bitches Part Three

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Pretty Little Bitches Part Three Ashley thinks she's cornered the mysterious “D” in an abandoned garage. Determined to find out the identity of the stranger and the whereabouts of their missing friend, she soon reali...

Pretty Little Bitches Part One

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Pretty Little Bitches Part One Pretty Little Bitches Part One : Reeling from the mysterious disappearance of their dear friend, a group of pretty bitches are haunted by cryptic text messages from someone who identifi...

Setting the Table

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Setting the Table Setting the Table : Erik Everhard wants nothing to do with his stepdaughter, Ashley Adams, because she’s a dirty slut who loves to fuck. But his wife strongly encourages him to get to know his new s...