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Teacher’s Tits Are Distracting

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Teacher's Tits Are Distracting DescriptionBusty professor Bridgette B is waiting for you to finish your exam. But, like the dirty pervert you are, you can't finish because you're distracted by her tempting tittie...

Blowing On Some Other Guy’s Dice

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Blowing On Some Other Guy's Dice DescriptionBridgette B and Nina Kayy are at the casino with their husbands. The girls are annoyed and are sick and tired of their husbands having all the fun. When a pair of robbe...

Dominative Assistant

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Dominative Assistant DescriptionKristina is sent on special assignment to assist CEO Bridgette B. However, if she wants to be a team player, she’s going to have start with a team building exercise: eating her bos...

Chasing That Big D

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Chasing That Big D DescriptionAngela, Ava and Bridgette are enjoying their morning jog when they spot a big dick flopping around in grey sweatpants. Not ones to pass up a perfect cock these stacked sluts chase af...

Highbrow Pussy

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Highbrow Pussy DescriptionHorny and fed up college professor Bridgette B is furious with Bill's master thesis. It is by far the thing she has ever graded. When Bill doesn’t show up for his appointment, then inter...

The Butt Doctor

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The Butt Doctor DescriptionThey call Dr. Yahshua “The Butt Doctor” because no matter what ailment you come in for, he always wants to check your butt. This is especially true of a patient like Bridgette B, who is...

Pussy O Plomo: Part 4

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Pussy O Plomo: Part 4 DescriptionNow armed with enough cash to be taken seriously, Bridgette B invites druglord Ramon to her mansion to celebrate their new partnership. Little does he know she's out for revenge.

Pussy O Plomo: Part 3

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Pussy O Plomo: Part 3 DescriptionAbigail is caught in Bridgette's web, but maybe she likes it there. After pumping Abigail for info Bridgette tracks down her boyfriend at his hotel room and demands a huge ransom....

Pussy O Plomo: Part 2

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Pussy O Plomo: Part 2 DescriptionAfter failing to secure a business deal with druglord Ramon, Bridgette B soothes herself by watching her bodyguard fuck Abigail's brains out. This undercover agent might look like...

Free Anal

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Free Anal DescriptionGirl1 is looking for a new and unique experience, so she builds a pillory and offers free anal to any guy who is man enough to accept her offer.

Stuck In The Elevator

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Stuck In The Elevator DescriptionBridgette and Xander love fooling around in the elevator, even when their coworkers are around. They get a thrill out of almost getting caught. But today Bridgette gets caught in ...

Legend vs Rookie

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Legend vs Rookie Alina is so excited to be shooting with her favorite porn star of all time: Bridgette B! Once she’s done freaking out and sucking up to Bridgette the director tells her to strap on a dildo and start ...

Getting Her Sugar Next Door

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Getting Her Sugar Next Door Getting Her Sugar Next Door : A business man has a big day tomorrow and needs to get some shut-eye. His wife, Bridgette B, follows him to bed horny and hoping for some sex--only her husban...

Titty Heist II: The Negotiator

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Titty Heist II: The Negotiator Download Video With Johnny Sins out of commission, all of Bridgette B's carefully crafted plans are out the window, leaving her stuck with a loaded weapon and a bank full of hostages! ...

El Pelon de Brazzers II

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El Pelon de Brazzers II The instant Johnny walked into his new gym, a squad of four latina girls started whispering about him in Spanish and showing off their curvy thick bodies to catch his eye. Between Bridgette B ...

Titty Heist I: This Is A Hold Up

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Titty Heist I: This Is A Hold Up After Bridgette B's boss told her she was losing her job due to once again ignoring the dress code and letting her massive boobs hang out, she was primed to take the first chance to g...

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