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Sperminate-Her London, 2029. The robots have taken over, and humanity has one last hope: Keiran Lee's swingin' dick. To get the precious spunk the people of the future need to keep humanity going, they've caught and ...

A Hump In The Night

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A Hump In The Night Since her man is such a scaredy-cat, Aruba got up in the middle of the night to check out a home invader herself. When she looked over the railing, she saw a super sexy cat-burglar pulling down he...

Confessions of a Nymphomaniac

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Confessions of a Nymphomaniac Take a load off with Chessie as she tells stories from her horny life as a true nymphomaniac. Starting from her days as a lustful teen and losing her virginity at 18 years old to the jac...