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My Boss Wants My Wife

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My Boss Wants My Wife DescriptionAs the CFO of a top financial firm, Johnny Sins has no problem firing employee Smith for his below-average efforts. Smith is desperate to save his job, but he has nothing to offer...

Honey, I Married A Stripper

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Honey, I Married A Stripper Mary Jean has just returned home from her business trip in Vegas. A stripper, Christie Stevens has followed her home and reminds Mary that they’re married! Wanting to keep the fact that sh...

The Anal Method

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The Anal Method The Anal Method : Mick and his girlfriend rolled into the Doctor's office looking for a safe way for Mick to creampie his GF when they fuck. But Dr Stevens was reluctant to prescribe them the pill. In...

Ditching a Date for Doctor Dick

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Ditching a Date for Doctor Dick Christie Stevens was on a really bad date with some asshole who could barely remember her name, so she faked some tummy troubles in hopes of heading home early. Her prick of a date cou...