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Milf Mummy

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Milf Mummy Danny D and his wife are spending their first night in and brand new house. Danny is certain that the place is haunted. Sure enough, he finds a mummy (Elicia Solis) in the basement! Luckily for him, this h...

Comply With This Guy

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Comply With This Guy It's not easy making porn. No matter how hot the actresses are, sometimes you say one wrong thing and the whole scene gets scrapped. That's why every good adult director needs a compliance guy li...

The Multitasking Titties

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The Multitasking Titties When you're a perfect slutty secretary like Elicia Solis, you can handle distractions such as your boss strutting into your office, undoing your blouse and playing with your big juicy tits. W...

All or Nothing

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All or Nothing When a mix-up nabbing Danny D landed her in hot water at the station, Officer Elicia Solis decided she'd had enough of being Metro Police. Elicia grabbed Danny from his cell and escaped out the back. B...