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Extra Amenities

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Extra Amenities DescriptionLela's renting out a room in her apartment so she can pick up some extra cash for her boyfriend's birthday. It seems like a harmless way to make money, but her first guest is determined...

Kim’s Yoga Pants

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Kim's Yoga Pants DescriptionSexy celeb Kim is always making easy money by recommending products to her many followers. Today she's making a video showing them her new yoga pants. Her husband stops filming to make...

Infiltrating Kim K

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Infiltrating Kim K After teaching the paparazzi a lesson they'll never forget, Kim K (Lela Star) is back with a purpose: this time she'll use her adoring paparazzi to promote her third sex tape! When the paparazzi in...

Kim K Fucks The Paparazzi

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Kim K Fucks The Paparazzi Download Video You want another sex tape? Oh Kim K (Lela Star) will give you another sex tape, and this time there's no holding back! When paparazzi Levi goes a little too far in his quest ...

Brazzers Awards

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Brazzers Awards The votes have been counted, the results are in, and it's finally time for the big show: the Brazzers Awards 2015! Watch as fan favorites are crowned victors in such steamy categories as Most Popular ...

Under The Desk

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Under The Desk Lela Star is a big booty slut who likes to make the workday go by a little quicker by rubbing one out during her lunch break. But when her computer won't work right as she's ready to get down to busine...

Persuading Lela

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Persuading Lela Download Video Ever since Lela Star stopped filming with us, we've wanted to get her and her huge ass back in action. And no one's been more committed to getting that big booty slut back in rotation ...